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Most of the consultancy I have done has been strongly based in my marketing economics. Of my theoretical publications, everything on quality, grades and brands is, of course, marketing economics. This is presented on a separate page.

Many of the papers referenced below are highly critical of market margin analysis. They have seldom been cited because anybody reading them decides against using market margin analysis: indeed the analysis disappeared from the journals for fifteen or twenty years. However, it is springing up again, so it would be worth republishing them.

One of the reasons it will keep springing up is because it is so convenient for mathematical manipulation if you can assume constant percentage margins and equal elasticity at different stages in the marketing system. A very convenient assumption, but wrong.

I have not written on the lagged responses used in many analyses of market margins; I can but quote G.T. Jones, “It is based on the assumption that the telephone has not yet been invented.”

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