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Quality Grades and Brands

A Bibliography on the Economics of Quality and Grades." 

 The Economics of Quality, Grades and Brands

 Limitations of Lancaster’s theory of Consumer Demand,

The Economics of Grades

An Economic Appraisal of the EEC Fruit and Vegetable Grading System

The case against  minimum standards”,  Economic man theories of quality

Pseudo-research in marketing  -  the case of the price:perceived quality relationship”,

The Art of the Economist Practical Economics for the Real Economist Effective Communication for Professionals and Executives. The use of Counseling Skills in Consultancy, Thesis fodder - a new role for the Third World, Refereeing Educational researchers doing research on educational policy: Heroes, puppets, partners, or…? Philosophical Perspectives on Lifelong Learning The use of tape recorders in agricultural economics research

Marketing Economics
Are price reporting systems of any use?Marketing Board inefficiency and farmers’ incomesPrice stabilization fundsMarket-margin investigations and price control of fruit and vegetablesCommission sales or firm-price sales  -  a conflict of interestSome limitations of market-margin analysisRetail mark-ups and distributive margins  -  a critical analysis of Professor Allen’s theory”, Errors in horticultural cost-of-production surveys


Profitable Consultancy Techniques

Consultancy page

contains links to the following

Will you succeed as a consultant?

Can academics be consultants?

Can civil servants be consultants?

Selling consultancy

Hit rates

Clients say they will not buy when

The second eleven

Why people are frightened of buying consultancy


Why consultants lie

Turn down business when …

Become an international consultant

Working in Russia

Working abroad can seriously damage your career

Calculating your consultancy fee rate

The consultancy fee rate you negotiated – and the one you are paid

How not to get paid at all for consultancy

Freelance consultancy contracts

Why people fear consultants

Will I survive as a consultant?

What clients think they want in consultancy

Selling Consultancy with free diagnosis

Selling Consultancy with Proposals

Hit rates in consultancy sales

One kind of a consultancy proposal

Outline of a consultancy proposal

Background to consultancy

Kit for a long term consultancy job

Consultancy work abroad can damage your career

Relating consultancy fees to results

Standard terms in consultancy contracts

Consultancy fees negotiated and fees paid

Not being paid Consultancy fees

Charging consultancy expenses

Modes of consultancy

Why Consultants lie

Contract research and consultancy bias

Ethics, transaction costs and exchange rates

Ethical consultants do not .  .  .

Selling consultancy



 Sue your internet provider - and win


Academic Fraud Statistics for you to check with Source documents on Bengal Famine Academics contest Amartya SenBrief case against Amartya Sen How Sen's theory causes famines  How Sen's theory causes famines Current state of controversyAre boom famines possible?”  “Can speculation cause famines?.” “Rejoinder: an untenable hypothesis on the causes of famineFamines: the Bowbrick-Sen dispute and some related issues,”“Reply: famine and Mr BowbrickThe causes of famine: a reply”, “A refutation of Sen’s theory of famine”, Food Policy.

(Mahalanobis et al.)Mahalanobis.Report of the Famine Inquiry Commission, How Sen's Theory causes famines and in the Word document How Sen’s Theory Can Cause Famines.

see letter here)Famine Inquiry Commission Pages 1-49,Famine Inquiry Commission Pages 50-100 Famine Inquiry Commission Pages 100-150 Famine Inquiry Commission Pages 150-175 Famine Inquiry Commission Pages 176 to end Famine Inquiry Commission Click 1, Click 2, Click 3, Click 4, Click 5, Click 6, Click 7, Click 8

Click here for the figures you need for the calculation) Click here for hard-to-obtain source documents. (Click here for the figures you need for the calculation) Academics contest Amartya Sen's "facts" on famine

Entitlement, Shortage, and the 1943 Bengal Famine: Another Look, Journal of Peasant Studies, vol. 31, no. 1, Octobor 2003, 45-72.

The Great Bengal Famine


I sued my internet provider - and won!

On Economics

Bowbrick, P., I changed EC Policy

Bowbrick, P., External economic reviews to reform the economy

Bowbrick, P., Wasting Scotland's aid budget

Bowbrick, p., How dishonesty affects exchange rates

Bowbrick, P., Will the Council of Economic Advisers destroy Scotland?

On Academic faking and fraud

Bowbrick, P., "How faked research damages the economy."

Bowbrick, P., In praise of plagiarism

On Whistleblowing

Bowbrick, P., Balancing the budget without taxes

Bowbrick, P., Did ignoring whistleblowers kill 90 people?

Bowbrick, P., Instant results improving the NHS

Bowbrick, P., Shafting the Brussels Whistleblower

Bowbrick, P., Commissions - or bribes?

Bowbrick, P., Dishonest western consultants

On Politics

Bowbrick, P., Mobilizing ten thousand scientists against climate change

Bowbrick, P., Form an orderly queue for the gas chamber

Bowbrick, P., How Jaqui Smith supports sex trafficking

Bowbrick, P., Policing rape

Bowbrick, P., Cutting the number of asylum seekers

Bowbrick, P., I sued my internet provider - and won

Bowbrick, P., How to select our next monarch

On refereeing and research

Bowbrick, P., Blowing the whistle on referees

Bowbrick, P., "Refereeing: perhaps there isn't a conspiracy after all"

Bowbrick, P., Review of 'Guardians of Science: fairness and reliability of peer review' by H.D. Daniel

Bowbrick, P., Why PhDs should be abolished

Bowbrick, P., The economic chaos of research grants

On Working abroad

Bowbrick, P., A demo in Quetta

Bowbrick, P., How to survive a Russian Banquet

Bowbrick, P., Using interpreters

Bowbrick, P., Telephoning from abroad

Bowbrick, P., The Kiss

Stories without verbs

Who says a sentence has to have a verb?

The Seduction